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Solid Conservatory Roofs for Cheltenham & Gloucestershire

Breathe some life back into your conservatory

  • conservatory with plastered roof
  • Double glazed uPVC conservatory with tiled roof
  • Lean to conservatory tiled roof

Transform your unused conservatory in Cheltenham or Gloucester into the perfect space throughout the seasons with a solid roof from Albany. If your conservatory is past its best or you want it to feel like a permanent part of your home, adding a tiled roof is the ideal solution. Perfect for new build conservatories as well as retrofits. Gone are the days of a noisy conservatory when it rains, freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer; enjoy a peaceful room with the perfect temperature all year round.

Tailor made for your home

Perfect for any style of conservatory from the elegant Victorian to the simplicity of the lean-to. With environmentally friendly tiles that are made from 100% recycled materials, you’ll increase your home’s energy efficiency by keeping your warmth in. These durable and attractive roofs can be installed in as little as three hours so you’ll be enjoying your new and improved space in no time.

Solid Roof Features

  • Fully insulated lightweight aluminium structure
  • A usable room all year round with superb insulation
  • An exceptionally strong, weatherproof and durable roof system that will protect your conservatory from the elements
  • Enjoy a beautiful plastered interior that can have downlights and speakers integrated
  • Approved by the LABC and complies with Building Regulations

solid roof conservatory

Customisation Options

The range of tile colours you can choose from will allow your new solid roof to blend in with the rest of your home. Included with the roof are highly durable uPVC fascias and guttering which will complement the rest of your conservatory and keep it protected from the elements. Roof vents are available to control ventilation in your conservatory and let natural light fill the room.

Prefix Systems WARMroof

  • WARMroof
  • WARMroof
  • WARMroof

At Albany Windows, we now install the award winning WARMroof solid tiled roof from Prefix Systems. Offering outstanding customisation options, the Prefix WARMroof is structurally robust with excellent thermal performance ratings and a fully insulated design. It is designed to regulate room temperature for a year-round comfortable living area and is the perfect choice for roof replacements, conservatory refurbishments, and new-build extensions.

Features and benefits of the Prefix WARMroof

The Prefix Systems WARMroof is an excellent choice when you want to maximise the performance of your conservatory or home extension. Using the latest technology, the WARMroof system meets all the latest building regulations requirements and provides a wealth of innovative features.

  • Stock choice of Envirotile, Britmet, and Tapco tiles
  • Slate, clay, and concrete tile compatible
  • Retro fit posts for additional structural support
  • Breathable waterproof membrane
  • 70mm top panel insulation
  • One-piece decorative top cap cover
  • 15mm plywood base panel
  • Fully insulated eaves
  • Integrated gutter and drainage

The Prefix WARMroof has undergone extensive structural testing to ensure stability. It is compatible with all roofs up to 6000mm wide and can accommodate larger roof spans with additional structural support.

Prefix WARMroof and WARMroof hybrid

The Prefix WARMroof is also available as a hybrid option. Incorporating full length glass panels into the tiled roof system, the WARMroof hybrid helps to boost thermal insulation while also maximizing natural light intake.

When it comes to performance, both the WARMroof and WARMroof hybrid provide excellent standards. With a WARMroof installed by Albany Windows, you can expect:

  • U-values as low as 0.18 W/m²K
  • Double or triple glazing options
  • Fully insulated lightweight aluminium structure
  • Pre-fitted Velux windows
  • Quick and simple installation
  • No on-site cutting

To complete your WARMroof installation, the interior of your conservatory roof can be fully plastered to create a cosy ambience. You can install attractive lighting into the ceiling or even incorporate integrated speakers into the ceiling’s design. With a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all WARMroof systems, you can rest assured that your new tiled roof is protected for the foreseeable future.

Download the WARMroof Collection brochure to find out more.

Enhance your Cheltenham and Gloucester home with a solid roof conservatory

If you’d like a new solid roof conservatory or want to discuss refurbishing your current one, get in touch with Albany Windows today. We take pride in improving your home with our high quality products and personal touch.