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Sustainability at Albany Windows

At its core, sustainability is based around the goal of making things last. Whatever it may be, from windows or doors to an entire property, the focus is firmly on the long term. Generally, there will be a reduction in costs over the long term as well as a longer lifespan as a result. Aluminium bi-fold doors with through door open

Sustainable products and materials


Aluminium is one of the foremost materials used throughout the world in construction. Part of the reason as to why it is so popular is the sustainable elements that are inherently available. Some of the benefits and properties of aluminium include its versatility, durability and, of course, its 100% recyclability.

In fact, around three-quarters of all aluminium ever produced is still being used today, having been recycled potentially numerous times. There is also a considerable strength to weight ratio when it comes to aluminium, making it especially useful as a structural material.

At Albany Windows, we offer a selection of aluminium windows and doors, including the Origin range. The designs of Origin windows and doors are based around the highest quality aluminium, all with the aim of being built to last. Aluminium is also a good thermally efficient option for home improvement projects.

UPVCuPVC windows with brown oak colour finish

Over the course of recent times, uPVC has improved its eco-friendly and sustainable properties, making it one of the better materials available for the long term. In a similar sense to aluminium, uPVC is also strong and durable yet is also fairly lightweight.

This combination means that the structure can be reformed and repurposed up to ten times before it starts to show an effect on performance and overall quality. Many of the uPVC products available can also be up to 100% recyclable. Many people still don’t know that uPVC can be recycled and can even have a lifespan of a couple of hundred years.

These benefits all essentially outweigh the fact that uPVC is not an organic material, as while it is important in terms of sustainability, it is certainly not the dealbreaker some may think it is. Especially when it comes to construction and home improvements, the materials used will typically have to be durable and versatile in its capabilities. We have a wide range of uPVC products at Albany Windows, including windows, doors, and conservatories.

Why sustainability is important

For the environment

Companies can often seek to prioritise the fast-paced production of products and create quick turnover in order to maximise their profits. As a result, this can and does lead to an enormous amount of waste being produced. Prioritising the purchase of sustainable building and home improvement products and limiting the rapid production of materials is what homeowners should look into for future projects.

For the consumer

Through the purchase of sustainable products and materials, there is a good chance that homeowners can actually increase the resale value of their property. Sustainability in the home is also a viable option in terms of increasing the healthy nature and overall comfort of your house. Furthermore, if you are able to conserve energy then you will be able to save money a lot easier.