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Composite doors for Cheltenham & Gloucestershire

Highly secure and energy-efficient composite doors installed in Cheltenham & Gloucestershire

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Composite doors lead the market in door technology, thanks to their robust, secure and energy-efficient designs. A composite door makes an ideal front or back door for any style of property.

More and more homeowners are recognising and feeling the benefits of a composite door. Such benefits include a low threshold for easy access and a solid timber core for increased thermal efficiency and improved strength.

Composite door features

  • 30 door styles to choose from
  • 16 colour choices
  • 48mm solid timber core
  • U-value of 1.4 W/m²K
  • Stable door available
  • Thousands of design combinations
  • Decorative or frosted glass panels
  • Authentic timber look option
  • Scratch-resistant fibreglass coating
  • High-security locks and frames

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What is the difference between composite doors and uPVC doors?

One of the main differences between composite doors and uPVC doors is the thickness of the respective cores. Composite doors often have timber cores that help to provide additional durability and energy efficiency. The composite door cores are often around 48mm thick, compared to uPVC doors typically being 28mm.

There is also a fairly considerable difference in price, with composite doors presenting more of a premium option compared to the budget-friendly choice of uPVC. While uPVC doors still have a number of benefits, composite doors present value for money thanks to their variety of features and effective benefits.

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What are the benefits of composite doors?

Composite doors are becoming more and more popular with Gloucester and Cheltenham homeowners for good reason. They have an incredibly diverse amount of features, from aesthetics to security and energy efficiency. With a variety of locking systems and add-ons available, there is a huge amount of comfort and peace of mind that can be attained.

Also, if you are looking to have your new composite door complement your home or make it stand out, there are multiple customisation options. From a stunning range of colours to styles and extra features such as knockers and letterplates, there is plenty of choice.

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