5 Signs it’s time to replace your front door

How can you be sure it is time to replace your front door?  What are some of the tell-tale signs? Whether you are looking to sell your home, or you’re simply looking to improve your home for your own enjoyment and comfort; the timely replacement of your old front door comes with many benefits. Most homeowners realise when their old front door detracts from their home’s appearance, however, worn or ill-fitting entry doors can also let heat escape and let in drafts, increasing energy costs and even posing a security threat. We’ve put together 5 tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your front door.

Your front door is difficult to open and close

Over long periods of time, the everyday use of your front door can have an impact on longevity and cause movement to become restricted. The door may start sticking, hinges may loosen and glass panes, if you have them, can also start to loosen. All of these signs point to the need for your front door to be replaced. Not only is a door that is difficult to operate really frustrating, but it also poses a serious security threat to your family. A door that doesn’t close properly can make it easier for intruders to break and enter.

All of our entrance doors, like our entire product range, come with a 10 year guarantee so you can rest assured a new front door from Albany will serve your family for many years to come.

There is condensation in the glazing of your front door


Does your front door have glass windows? Within the glass windows, are you noticing a build-up of condensation? A lot of front doors have double glazed windows made up of two panes of glass. As the seal between the two panes of glass ages, it can wear down, and moisture can seep between the panes. This can cause condensation to build up, potentially leading to mildew and mould growth. This can not only look unsightly but also cause your front door to become thermally inefficient, meaning your energy bills will increase as you attempt to heat your home and replace the warm air that is escaping.

Our uPVC and composite front doors can incorporate a range of glazed designs, as well as additional glazed top lights and sidelights. Our glass units incorporate energy saving glass and, for extra energy efficiency, you can choose triple glazing panels.

Your front door is allowing drafts into your home


As your front door ages, you may start noticing a draft when you walk past the door in your home. If this is the case, take your time to inspect your front door and see whether the wooden frame or draught excluders are the problem. If there are gaps between the door and the frame, it is likely the door has misshapen as a result of weathering and age. If this is the case, it’s time to replace your front door. Drafts coming into your home mean that heat is able to escape and cold air can enter, meaning you will have to rely more on your home’s heating system to keep you warm. This will ultimately cost you more money in energy bills in the long run.

Your wooden front door is suffering from rot

Wooden door with rot

Older front doors are likely to be manufactured with timber. As wood is a cellular, natural composite material, rot and decay can be triggered by exposure to moisture and microscopic organisms. If you are worried that your front door may be rotting there are a few tell-tale signs you can look out for. Feel the door and check if there are spots that feel softer than others. The softness of a wooden door is a sign of excessive rotting. If the door is cracked or crumbly to the touch, discoloured, or damp, these are also signs of rot.

One huge benefit of uPVC or composite front doors is that they do not rot and require very little in terms of maintenance; a simple wipe down with a damp cloth once in a while is enough to keep them looking good as new. Both of these materials also come in timber-effect finishes, meaning you can have the beautiful aesthetic of timber without all of the regular upkeep and maintenance.

Your front door is damaged, dented or cracked

If your front door is damaged in any way, for example, it has suffered cracks and dents, it may not be able to provide you with adequate security and a proper weather seal. Damaged doors are easier for intruders to break and enter through meaning your family may not be adequately protected if someone tries to break in. Cracks in your front door can also prevent it from performing at optimum thermal efficiency leaving your home feeling uncomfortable and cold, whilst also causing your energy bills to increase.

Replace your front door with Albany

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