6 easy ways to spruce up your home’s exterior

Blue composite entrance door - home exterior ideas

Does your home deserve a makeover? It’s easier than you think to achieve a fresh new look for your home. From having a spring clean to updating your colour scheme, these home exterior ideas will boost your home’s kerb appeal without breaking the bank.

Let your home make an entrance

Your front door is the first thing visitors will notice so it’s the best way to make an impression. Make your home as inviting as possible with a new design that brings your home to life. Choose from our versatile range of uPVC and aluminium entrance doors or our composite door range. As well as transforming the aesthetic of your home, a new door will give you improved thermal insulation and security.

Attractive as well as protective

You may not have realised it but your soffits, guttering and fascia boards add the finishing touches to your home. A tired, damaged roofline can really affect your home’s kerb appeal. Your soffits, gutters and fascias also protect your roof from weather damage so are vital to keep in good condition.

Add a splash of colour

Changing the colour of your walls can transform your home and make it look brand new. Get out the paintbrush and spend a day in the sun sprucing up your home. If the homes in your area are all very similar, buck the trend and stand out. This will improve how you feel about your home as well as how others see it. Our windows, doors and conservatories are available in a wide range of colours. Our aluminium frames and doors can come in any of the many RAL colours so there’s bound to be one that suits your home.

Wonderful windows

Large ceiling to floor glass windows with angular panes - custom windows home exterior ideas

Windows are the eyes of your home so you want them to be seen. If your home could do with a facelift then a new set of windows will transform your home’s look as well as improving how comfortable it feels. uPVC is the most popular option which provides efficient insulation and can come in 19 colours including timber look. Aluminium is perfect if you want the modern look for your home with slim sleek frames. We also offer custom windows so if you fancy a wacky shape or have an awkward space to fill, our bespoke windows are perfect. Flood your home with light while admiring a stunning focal point.

A traditional country garden to impress

Use your garden to dress your home. A tidy well-kept garden gives a good impression and hints to the home behind. Experiment with new colourful plants and flowers to brighten up your home and why not add some crazy paving? Paving can make your garden look more interesting as well as being functional. Cross your garden without leaving muddy footprints throughout your house.

Don’t let any aspect of your home let you down

Your driveway is the red carpet to your home so it’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your home’s potential. Get rid of weeds that have crept up, repair any cracks or if it’s in your budget have a new driveway laid. To make it look even more impressive line you drive with brick edging.

Home exterior ideas to spruce up your Gloucestershire home

From windows and doors to conservatories and roofline products, Albany Windows have the home improvement solutions you need. Get in touch today to make the most out of your home.