Aluminium windows vs. Timber windows

Black aluminium window

Aluminium windows are fast becoming one of the most sought-after products that we offer. Every week we’re inundated with questions and quote requests about these types of windows, and what they can offer a home.

That got us thinking. How do aluminium compare with more traditional window materials? We thought we’d compare the performance of aluminium windows with traditional timber windows to find out!

Aluminium windows vs. Timber windows

1. Longevity

Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows provide some of the longest working lifespans in the industry, and unlike timber windows, aren’t subject to the same levels of deterioration and decay. This means that when it comes to longevity, aluminium windows are crowned the winner.

An incredibly durable, resilient and strong material, aluminium windows can last anywhere from 30 years and up. When coated with a Marine-grade finish, this lifespan can be further enhanced. This makes them the perfect investment for your home, and a great way to future proof your property.

2. Aesthetics

It’s a draw

When it comes to overall appearance, it’s a draw! Both windows provide exceptionally stunning aesthetics that can help to improve the look of a property.

Both are relatively versatile when it comes to creating an individual look. For instance, with hundreds of powder coating options available, aluminium windows can be made to fit the style of any type of property: whether it’s a traditional, or modern home. Timber windows likewise, can be painted in a huge range of colours.

3. Thermal and acoustic insulation

Aluminium windows

The thermal and acoustic insulation offered by a window is one of the most important properties when it comes to balancing temperature in your home. Aluminium windows win in the thermal insulation fight, when compared with timber windows, because of their unique, energy efficient design features.

Practically all aluminium windows on the market are supplied with double glazing. This form of glazing helps to slow the escape of heat from a property which keeps it warmer for longer, and which can also save you money on the cost of your heating bills.

In addition, modern aluminium windows utilise an innovative feature known as a ‘thermal break’. This is inserted into the profile of the window and enhances the overall thermal insulation that the unit offers.

All of the aluminium windows that we offer here at Albany are supplied with high quality double glazing as standard, as well as a high performance thermal break for improved energy efficiency. Find out more by requesting a free quote here.

4. Maintenance

Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows wipe the floor with timber windows when it comes to reduced levels of maintenance.

Timber windows require sustained effort to be kept looking good and working effectively. This means regular cleaning and sanding as well as yearly coats of paint and varnish: a lot of effort on the part of the often time-pressed homeowner.

Contrastingly, aluminium windows require very little attention to kept functioning well. The only thing they’ll ask from you is the occasional wipe down with a wet cloth to keep them clean. That’s all! No expensive painting, and no hassle! Aluminium windows are naturally perfect then for homeowners with mobility problems or those with not enough time on their hands.

It’s for this reason that when it comes to maintenance, aluminium windows are the undisputed winner.

Find out more about our range of high quality, thermally efficient and sleek designed aluminium windows.