5 door colours to boost your home’s value in 2020

Does the colour of your front door make any difference to your home’s value?  If you listen to the opinion of some estate agents, then, yes it does. Sprucing up the appearance of your home by changing your door’s colour really can add £’s to the value of your property. Modern replacement doors are available in a variety of materials uPVC, uPVC wood effect, composite and aluminium, and colours. Read on, to get some advice on which door colours are most likely to add value to your property.

  1. Make your neighbours green with envy with a green front door

Green doors are a classic choice for your new front door. Green, in all shades and hues, is very much in vogue at the moment, with Dulux’s colour of the year 2020  being Tranquil Dawn. Green is an ideal choice for a front door if you live in the countryside, as it blends effortlessly with the surroundings. A popular and timeless colour for front doors is Chartwell Green.

  1. Hues of BlueBlue composite door with two glass panes

Traditionally the colour blue is linked with trust, honesty and loyalty. With so many advances in technology, there are many tones of blue to choose from. If your outside brickwork is pale choose a darker blue such as Peacock or Steel Blue for maximum impact. Likewise, if your brickwork is darker, selecting a paler shade such as Duck Egg Blue will give your property an elegant touch.  According to some estate agents, if you live near the sea, blue is a perfect colour choice for your front door.

  1. Pure white front door

White might be the most common colour for a front door, but that does not take away from its simple, beautiful and clean elegance. A white front door will work with almost every property type and is guaranteed never to offend! If you are a follower of Feng Shui, choosing a white front door for a west-facing house will create a perfect balance for your home.

  1. Simply Red

If you want your door to be a real personal statement, consider going bold. Red makes an excellent welcoming choice for a front door and is commonly thought to signify intensity, confidence and passion. Available in a matt or gloss finish and with many shades on offer, red looks stunning in any surrounding. Red is also the colour most associated with luck in China. So, go bold and be lucky.

  1. Back to black or a refined grey front door

Black composite door with diamond windowBlack is a classic colour for a front door, and many could argue, that it has a timeless sophistication that never dates. Black works well on almost any style of house with lighter brickwork or rendering and evokes an image of style of wealth. If black is too dark for you, why not consider a shade of grey. Grey doors exude charm and style and are available in a multitude of tones from a darker slate grey to a softer pastel hazel grey.

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