French doors are secure- if you follow these four simple steps

White french doors are secure

In the past, French doors have had a bad reputation for being insecure. Don’t let this put you off choosing these beautiful garden doors. French doors can add a sense of elegance to the back of your home and will fill it with light. French doors are secure if you follow this advice. They are an attractive way of moving between your home and garden.

Don’t risk it

It might sound obvious but making sure you lock your doors is the most important way of keeping your home secure. Back and patio doors are the most likely to be left unlocked. This is especially true during the summer. You’re constantly moving between your home and garden and leaving doors open to let a breeze in. Many burglaries occur when doors haven’t been locked so make a habit of locking them every time you leave the room.

Choose the best hardware possible

Having efficient locks will help deter intruders and prevent your French doors from becoming an entrance for burglars. We only use the best locking mechanisms available including multi-point locks which offer you improved protection. We can supply locks from renowned manufacturers Yale to give you reliable locks that keep your family safe. With internal glazing, the glass in your doors and windows cannot be easily removed.

Glass that does it all

White french doors on a conservatory

We use Planitherm Total + which is a strong glazing option that also offers unrivalled thermal benefits. With extremely low u values, it’s one of the most energy efficient types of glass. You have the option of laminated glass which gives you an extra layer of protection against intrusion. This prevents the glass from breaking when damaged so deters against intruders as well as prevent accidents.

Our French doors are secure and beautiful

Our French doors are the perfect choice to separate your home and garden or as a conservatory door. Available in uPVC, timber effect or aluminium, they can have single or double opening doors. With a range of stunning colours available, you can transform your home and fill it with light. Talk to us today to find out how we prioritise your home’s security with our home improvement range.