Solidor and Residor composite doors: how to choose between the two

High levels of security and energy efficiency have led to the rise of composite doors popularity in recent years. Their lengthy lifespan of over 25 years and modern aesthetic has also caught the eyes of homeowners throughout Gloucestershire and beyond. Solidor and Residor have long been established as industry leaders, but what are the differences in their composite doors? Albany has the answers:

Black composite door with diamond window

Residor vs. Solidor: Design

Residor composite doors are Glass Reinforced Plastic Doors (GRP) and are constructed by coating a foam slab with a tough plastic skin. This layer is 3.6mm thick on these doors, offering homeowners excellent thermal efficiency. With most GRP doors being just 1.6mm thick, Residor composite doors are more than twice as thick as those available on the market today.

Solidor composite doors feature a solid timber core and are a result of years of development. This solid core provides outstanding thermal efficiency and rigidity. At 48mm, the design of the door is 10% thicker than the nearest competitor. The core is wrapped in a tough, weather resistant ABS skin, which is the same durable plastic as Lego. This layer is made of a solid colour, practically hiding any scratches.

  Solidor Residor


44mm Solid timber Foam slab
Accreditations PAS24:2016

Secured by Design

Outer skin 1.7mm ABS Skin 3.6mm Glass Reinforced Plastic
Security Ultion cylinder

Avantis lock

Ultion cylinder

Residor vs. Solidor: Security

Residor composite doors are fitted with the revolutionary Ultion cylinder. This cylinder goes into ‘lock-down mode’ in the event of an attack, securing an area of your door that has the potential to be the weakest. While some locks feature 5 or 6 pins, Ultion has 11 and it protects against Lock Drilling for reliable home protection.

Solidor composite doors also come with the Ultion cylinder fitted as standard. For additional security, Solidor also offers the Avantis lock. This lock features the largest and strongest hook and system in the door sector and is largely considered the most secure on the market. The solid timber door provides an additional layer of protection from intruders.

Rosewood glazed composite doors

Residor vs. Solidor: Personalisation

Residor and Solidor composite doors are available in a variety of styles and configurations to improve the kerb appeal of any home. With traditional and contemporary styles to choose from, as well as a diverse colour palette, you are guaranteed to find a composite door to suit your personal taste and home.

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