Conservatory or orangery – Which extension works best for you?

Edwardian bespoke conservatory

If you’re actively looking to generate more space and light in your home, opting for a high quality conservatory or orangery is the ideal method, especially when a complete extension proves to be too costly. Both options provide homeowners with a great deal of customisation options, with conservatory styles ranging from gable to Victorian and orangeries able to incorporated either as much or as little brickwork as is desired.

What’s the difference?

It’s not uncommon to find yourself ummm-ing or arrr-ing as to what the actual difference is between an orangery and conservatory, after all they both did originally start life as a way to house citrus plants. Don’t worry you’re not alone in this debate!

Put simply, conservatories today generally act as more of a separate space, intended for relaxation with the ability to provide just as much light as space, due to over 50% of the structure being glazed. Orangeries, on the other hand act as a more natural and seamless addition to the home, often consisting of more brickwork than glass.

Overall, conservatories use little to no brickwork and are more about enjoying the beauty of the garden from the inside of your home whilst orangeries are generally larger, more solid spaces – considered by many to be a more luxury private space to enjoy. Both have their own unique benefits in which they can provide the homeowner, browse each extension’s bespoke features to discover which might be the right choice for your home:

Conservatory & orangery benefits

High quality extensions for homes throughout Gloucestershire

If you know deep down that you and your home could benefit greatly from some additional living space, there’s no better solution than having a conservatory or orangery installed! Now that you know what their differences are and the benefits they can bring, don’t wait much longer! Call Albany Windows today on 01242 511384 or get in touch online!