Top home improvements in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire

Given that Gloucestershire is home to such a vast range of properties and living areas, there is always room for exciting new improvements to be made. Whether that is a subtle change to a property or a larger scale home improvement project, there is plenty for homeowners and prospective buyers to look into.

Average house prices are continuing to rise, with a dramatic increase in the last year. With the soaring recent prices, it could be seen as a good time to explore possibilities when it comes to home improvements.

1) Bifold doors

If you are looking for an elegant yet efficient back door option, then our bifold doors will more than likely do the trick. Available in a slimline aluminium design, our bifold doors can perfectly fit with a host of properties throughout Gloucestershire.
Aluminium bi-fold doors for your Gloucester home

Their slimline features mean that there is a smooth transition between the inside and outside.

With homes featuring beautiful outside views, such as those in the Cotswolds, bifold doors can complement them with the large expanses of glass providing access to the scenery available.

2) Sash windows

With so many stunning Georgian and Victorian properties in and around Cheltenham and Gloucestershire, there will always be a place for windows that complement them. One set of windows that are ideal for more traditional homes is our heritage-style sash windows. Manufactured using high-performance uPVC, our sash windows are designed to replicate those traditional style equivalents, but with a considerable reduction in maintenance.

3) Composite doors

Black front door in compositeTo brighten up the front of your home, composite doors provide a wide range of customisation options that can be applied to any Gloucestershire home.

There are thousands of design combinations, as well as specific extras such as decorative glass panels and accessories including letterplates and handles.

Along with their excellent customisable capabilities, our composite doors are also among the most energy-efficient and secure available thanks to the latest technology used in the designs.

4) Aluminium windows

In a similar sense to our bifold doors, our aluminium windows feature slimline designs that make the most of their inherent strength to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Not only are they considerably durable and strong, but they are also fantastic when it comes to energy efficiency.

Their design features a thermally broken unit that helps improve efficiency, along with reinforced glass strips. A further benefit of our aluminium windows is that they can fit well with the aesthetic of any Gloucestershire property, be it contemporary or traditional.

Get your next home improvement project underway with Albany Windows

As well as the options outlined above, at Albany Windows we have an even bigger range of home improvements to choose from. To see for yourself you can visit our showroom in Cheltenham and see our products first-hand. Alternatively, contact us today on 01242 511384 or get a free online quote.