uPVC colours for windows and doors

uPVC colour options for our window and doors

Bored of white double glazing? You’re in luck. Now you can choose uPVC windows in almost any colour and design!

The idea that white is the only available colour for uPVC windows and doors is a common misconception. UPVC doors in particular are able to take advantage of the customisation options to provide a wide range of designs. But modern uPVC windows are actually available in a range of contemporary colours, from bold reds and blues to subtle heritage creams and greys.

uPVC colouring process

Modern uPVC paint is designed to chemically bond with the uPVC surface that it is applied to. This creates an extremely durable finish. It’s applied by spray-coating the entire frame in a dedicated spray coating facility: much like ones used to colour cars.

How the uPVC colouring process has improved

Colouring processes have come a long way since the 1980s, when uPVC windows and doors were available in any colour, as long as it was white. Thanks to the development of better machinery and paint, the quality of uPVC colouring has improved dramatically. There’s now a staggering array of choice and quality available when it comes to choosing the perfect tone to match your property.

Longer lasting colours

Modern uPVC window and door colours are now much longer lasting, making colour a real investment for your property. Many home improvement companies also offer a staggering range of colours to choose from. Here at Albany for instance, we have 19 of the most popular colours, such as Chartwell Green and Hazy Grey, available for you to choose from.

Scratch and fade resistant

The quality of uPVC paint has improved so much that modern colours are scratch proof and fade resistant. Thanks to the advanced colour bond technology used in its formula, which changes the molecular make up of the uPVC frame, uPVC paint is resistant to the UV damage that causes fading.

Woodgrain finishes

uPVC window and door colour technology has advanced so much that now woodgrain finishes are possible. Woodgrain finishes, like the ones we offer here at Albany, help to emulate the traditional, heritage aesthetics of timber. This makes it the perfect, maintenance-free alternative to real wooden windows.

Albany: Gloucestershire uPVC colour specialists

If you’re looking for a coloured uPVC window or two, Albany are the home improvement company to choose. All of our uPVC windows and doors are available in a wide range of modern paint colours, to match any property.