Why you need to replace misted, double glazed units

cost of replacing misted double glazing units

Condensation in some form or another is virtually inescapable in the UK, what with high humidity and cold temperatures being a typical occurrence here; much to many South West homeowners’ dismay! With this in mind, have you recently noticed that any of your double-glazed units have become misted up in between the panes of glass? Well, if this is the case then it’s more than likely your double-glazed seals or the entire unit has failed. In rare (and lucky!) cases it may be a temporary issue that can be resolved by your window provider. But, instead of worrying about the cost of replacing misted double-glazing units you need to be more aware of why these should be replaced as soon as possible. So, to help you out we’ve compiled a few reasons why you need to act fast and replace those misted double glazed units as soon as!

cost of replacing misted double glazing units

Irreparable structural damage

Condensation occurs in the home when excess water vapour meets a cool surface, e.g. walls, windows, doors, ceilings, etc. Efficient double glazing reduces the chance of condensation from developing, however if there’s mist in between the panes of glass condensation has already begun to access the window. Unless the seal or the entire unit is replaced, condensation could seep into the building and cause irreparable damage via damp and mould.

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cost of replacing misted double glazing units

Money out the window!

Mist in between the panes of glass means that your double or triple glazing systems insulating barrier has been breached. Energy is now slowly escaping from your home; literally throwing your heard earned cash out the window! Furthermore, the money you’re wasting through heat loss could fully justify the cost of replacing misted double-glazing units.

cost of replacing misted double glazing units

Heightened stress levels

We’re sure you’re aware, one of the benefits of double or triple glazed windows is the reduction of external sound pollution. Studies suggest that high noise levels can considerably affect homeowners’ health and stress levels, especially those located near busy roads. Therefore, if your glazing systems’ efficiency has been compromised, so will the amount of external noise entering your home.

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