Why are uPVC windows in Cheltenham so popular?

Swish casement windows in bow style installation

uPVC is still the UK’s most widely used building material, where just over two-thirds of dwellings (69%) have windows that are all or mainly double glazed with uPVC frames. And, although the number of PVC fabricators has decreased over the last 10 years, the frame output per fabricator has increased.

With a variety of window materials available, we thought we’d investigate the reasons behind the continued popularity of uPVC windows across Cheltenham and beyond.

uPVC windows Cheltenham – what’s the deal?

1. Outstanding levels of thermal comfort

These days, we are all a lot more environmentally aware. Recyclable, multi-chambered uPVC frames continue to play an important role within sustainable construction methods, with A+ energy ratings available for superior thermal performance. With uPVC windows, you can also expect noticeable energy savings further down the line.

2. Value for money

Resilient and long-lasting, uPVC window frames are substantially cheaper than aluminium and timber windows. Offering fantastic value for money, they are typically the cheapest window material because they’re made from relatively inexpensive raw materials combined with easy manufacturing qualities.

3. Secure weather resistance

With almost no maintenance involved to keep them looking at their very best, uPVC windows provide excellent weather resistance throughout the seasons. Nonporous, UV and corrosion resistant, uPVC expertly resists heat too.

4. Diverse colour range

One of the age-old drawbacks of uPVC window frames was their limited colour range. Thanks to advances in technology, we can offer 19 exciting uPVC colours including authentic woodgrain effects. As coloured uPVC window frames continue to grow in popularity, it’s clear to see that uPVC no longer lacks the exclusive charm that other materials can offer.

5. Local architectural dexterity

Cheltenham is famous for its array of gorgeous listed townhouses and period detached properties, proudly given the accolade of ‘Britain’s most complete Regency town’ and also known as the ‘Cultural capital of the Cotswolds.’ Showcasing many beautiful sliding sash windows, typical of the age, uPVC sash windows allow Cheltenham’s Georgian and Victorian buildings to retain their authentic charm, benefitting from the modern performance advantages that uPVC materials hold.

Swish oak finish uPVC windows

Improve Energy Performance Ratings with high-quality uPVC windows Cheltenham

As of the 1st April 2018, new lets and renewals of private rented tenancies must have a minimum energy performance rating (EPC) of E, including existing tenancies from 1st April 2020 (unless exemptions apply). Rented properties that breach these legal requirements risk civil penalties of up to £4,000. So, as the 2020 deadline approaches, time is running out to get F and G rated rental properties up to standard so that they can be legally let out. By upgrading single glazing to double glazing this could make up the several points difference needed to increase an F rated property to an E rated property. Contact us to discuss your options further with an Albany Windows expert.

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